“Model WTO Belgrade 2019” will be the second edition of our conference, after having organized a very successful event last year. This project has the goal of informing, educating and raising interest in World Trade Organization, its rules, accession process, negotiations etc. within the students from Southeast Europe and wider.

The conference is constructed as a simulation of WTO’s work where students have the opportunity to get to know everything about WTO and its rules of procedure, they will be able to work on their diplomatic skills and learn through practical knowledge what it looks like to be a delegate/an ambassador to the World Trade Organization.

We believe that WTO simulation is of great significance to young leaders and their future as it is a very rewarding experience all students should have access to. Last year’s “Model WTO Belgrade” was the first ever simulation of its kind in this part of Europe and we believe that it will be the central conference of the region in the future.

Our project is supported by “Model WTO International”, and is the first official Model WTO conference, apart from Model WTO in Switzerland, the first ever simulation of the WTO annually held in Saint Glen, and has been organized with the support from the World Trade Organization itself for more than 20 years.