The main topic of this year’s edition of Model WTO Belgrade will be “Trade and Investment”.

The importance of the growing correlation between Trade and Investment as a result of globalization indicates that these two points ought to be discussed jointly. The role of Investment in International Trade is becoming more and more important, especially for the Developing WTO Member states and, therefore, debating on this topic is of great significance for future WTO Agreements. Delegates are invited to open a constructive discussion that will generate productive outcomes and will stimulate critical thinking. In the Model WTO Belgrade 2019, participants will be tasked with negotiating different aspects of Trade and Investment in four different committees with the final goal of creating a Multilateral Investment Facilitation Agreement. Each committee has its own topic related to Trade & Investment:

  • Committee on Investment Facilitation 1: Covered Measures, Principles and Transparency
  • Committee on Investment Facilitation 2: Special and Differential Treatment and Dispute Prevention
  • Committee on Investment Promotion and Market Access for Investment
  • Committee on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)