Application form for Model WTO Belgrade 2020 – Chairs

Application form for Model WTO Belgrade 2020 – Chairs

Application form for Model WTO Belgrade 2020 – Chairs

Application form for Model WTO Belgrade 2020 – Chairs

Application form for Model WTO Belgrade 2020 – Chairs

  • Introduction
  • Part 1: General Information
  • Part 2: Committees
  • Part 3: Experience
  • Part 4: Attachements

Application form for Model WTO Belgrade 2020 – Chairs

Dear potential applicant, thank you for your interest in applying to this year’s Model World Trade Organization Belgrade! By applying to become a Chair at ​ Model WTO Belgrade 2020, you are signing up for a rewarding and challenging week, moderating negotiations between 12 Member states of the WTO! The simulation will be held from 1st to 5th of October, in the charming capital of Serbia. This Application Form represents your first phase towards stepping in the shoes of a Chairperson, so be sure to read all the instructions carefully.

Before applying​, please make sure to read our Application Guide for Chairpersons that contains detailed Notes of Guidance. Check whether you are eligible to apply and decide on your 1st and 2nd choice out of four committees. Having two choices is ​ not required, but preferred​. Choose wisely, based on your experience, knowledge about the subject and interest. However, please keep in mind you might not be offered your first choice. Your motivation and the quality of your essay are to be evaluated in the selection process so make sure they are unique and coherent.

Please prepare your CV, which you will need to upload in order to fill out this form. Make sure to complete all the questions marked with ‘*’. Please keep in mind that questions differ in terms of word limit. Applications missing any of the mandatory parts will not be considered.

Before submitting your application, please consult our Application Guide for Chairpersons once more, as you will not be able to alter your application after submitting it. Once you are ready, please fill out this Application Form and get a step closer to becoming one of 8 motivated young people who will be chairing at Model WTO Belgrade! Should you face any problems with the application, please send an email to Participant Coordinators at [email protected] or President of the conference Mr Dušan Brujić at [email protected]

Application deadline is 26th of July, 2020, 23:59 (GMT+1).

Thank you and good luck!

Part 1: General information

First Name:

Last Name:

Date of Birth:


Country of Origin:

Country of Residence:

E-mail address:

Educational background

Educational Institution:

Field of Study:

Level of Study:

Year of Study:


Mother Tongue(s):

English – Writing:

English – Speaking:

English – Reading:

Part 2: Model WTO Belgrade 2020

My first choice (Preferred Committee) is:

What is your motivation to chair this committee? (250 words; 1st choice)

My second choice is:

What is your motivation to chair this committee? (250 words; *if you have a 2nd choice)

If selected, do you wish to assume the role of the leading Chairperson in your committee? (Please note, you may not be offered this role)

Part 3: Experience

Have you ever participated in a simulation (ex. Model WTO/MUN/MEU, etc.)? Please select one of the following options, based on how many times you were a participant:

Which simulations have you attended? Please, briefly describe your simulation experience:

Have you ever participated in a simulation as a Chairperson? Please select one of the following options:

Which simulations have you chaired? Please tell us about your experience: (your answer should be no longer than 150 words)

Do you have any Work/Voluntary experience you feel is important for your application? Please describe your experience(s) with no more than 150 words. Make sure to include all relevant information and try to list your positions and activities chronologically.

Part 4: Attachements

Please, upload your CV here:

If you wish to send us a proof of your command of English, please upload a copy of your diploma/certificate here:


Is there anything specific you want us to know? Please, write it below:

By applying to become a Chair at Model WTO Belgrade 2020, you will automatically agree with the following statement: “I declare that to the best of my knowledge the information provided is true and correct. I understand that inaccurate, misleading and/or untrue statements or knowingly withheld information may result in the termination of my application to Model WTO Belgrade”.


Model WTO Belgrade is committed to safeguarding the privacy of information held on its Database. By submitting this form you are giving consent to the organizers to use your information for the purposes of this conference. Your personal info (name, ID/Passport number, phone number, email) will be used only for the purpose of this event. All applicants retain all rights to their data. Model WTO Belgrade will not sell, share or access applicants data for non-administrative and non-conference reasons. If you have any questions about this privacy policy please feel free to contact us.

Even though we are positive that the conference will take place in October, there is still a possibility that it might have to be postponed in case of a second wave of Covid19, or if borders happen to be closed again, or should public gatherings be forbidden at the time, or in case of any such circumstances that could render holding the conference unfeasible or difficult to proceed with. Also, in case that by the time of the conference travel restrictions shall exist (e.g. mandatory Covid19 testing or a quarantine as a prerequisite for entering any of the involved countries), the Model WTO Belgrade reserves the right to postpone the conference. Please keep that in mind when making any travel plans. If you have any questions regarding this, please come back directly to the Organizing team.

We will do our best to comply with the preventive measures imposed and/or recommended by the relevant authorities at the time of the conference. However, we shall not be held liable for any potential health issues and/or the health of the participants in general.