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“Model WTO Belgrade 2020” will be the third edition of our conference, after having organized very successful events the last two years. This project has the goal of informing, educating and raising interest in the World Trade Organization, its rules, accession process, negotiations etc. within the students from Southeast Europe and wider.

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Chance to expand your knowledge

You will have a chance to represent a WTO Member State during negotiations.

Opportunity to explore Belgrade

Serbia's capital is the place where East meets West and is rich in history and culture.

Awards for the best delegates

Delegates have a chance to directly qualify for the Simulation in Switzerland.

International experience

Gathering bright minds from all over the world for a truly international experience.

About us

We are the only Simulation of WTO in Southeast Europe

The first edition of our conference took place in 2018 and since then we have a tradition of organizing it every year

Successfully Connecting Students interested in WTO in Belgrade


Supported by “Model WTO International”

The idea of ​​a simulation of this kind in Belgrade was developed after recognizing the immense importance of international trade and the need to offer the best students the opportunity to tackle challenges that the world is presently facing.

The project was designed in collaboration with Model WTO and Model WTO International.

Exploring Serbian Culture

Extraordinary Experience

Multilingual Environment

International Network

5 days in Belgrade

Learning about WTO

previous editions

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The Importance of Trade: World Trade Organisation

Foreign exports:

Here is the breakdown for some WTO Member States in 2017

Importance of trade:

Trade is one of the key components for some economies, such as the EU and the US

Foreign exports in 2017: WTO Member States in US dollars (billion)

“Model WTO Belgrade was truly an opportunity to connect with like-minded people and spread awareness about the importance and learn about the impact of the World Trade Organization".

Ursina Flütsch University of St. Gallen

Model WTO Belgrade surprised, but not in the ways expected. It showcased the best in a country striving to define its role in an ever shifting modern world".

Fraser Rodger University of Edinburgh

“This year I participated in Model WTO Belgrade! The topic of the conference was absolutely not related to my future profession but it was one of the most memorable experiences in my life!".

Elena Isaeva Bauman Moscow University

“For the most important was the knowledge I gained about the WTO! Moreover, I find the conference to be an incredible networking event with people from most divirse backgrounds".

Gilberto Batistella de Macedo University of Venice