Main projects of our organization

“KONSEK” – Students of Economics Congress

This major project has been organized anually in the begging of spring for five years and counting. Every year, all capacities for KONSEK are reserved in less than a few minutes and more than 400 students participate every year which is a confirmation of quality of this congress. This 5-day congress brings together students from the region and experts from different fields to debate and potentially find solutions to relevant economic and social problems which Serbia and the world face. This project has been supported by Ministry of Education, Science and Technological development, Ministry of Economy and Regional Development, National Bank of Serbia and Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, as well as many other sponsors from the private sector.

“Interviewing week”

Interviewing week is very popular with students as it provides the possibility to test their own soft skills and it teaches them to give best answers to some of the most tickling questions during job interviews. It allows them, not only to have a simulation of job interview with real HR employees from successful companies and get feedback about the impression that they left, but to also hear very useful career tips from these proffesionals. Students learn from their own mistakes at Interviewing week while having a professional help them to overcome every possible obstacle in the future. IW is mostly made for senior students. This project was started in 2015. and we are proud of the progress that it had made and gratefulness of the students.

“IT Space” – IT focused seminar

IT Space is seminar about Information Technologies its goal is to teach students as much as possible about IT and it does so by bringing only professionals from this sector (academic and business) as this subject is not studied enough at our Faculty, due to its rapid developing nature, but is very current and  very much needed at daily basis. This two days long seminar is taking place at the Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade every December. Knowledge provided at this seminar provides individuals to integrate their knowledge with the business world much faster and on much easier way.

“Visual economy” – Marketing focused project

Visual economy is one of the new projects of our organization with an amazing feedback. It is consisted of 2 session (workshops or lectures) per week, in a total duration of 3 weeks. Delegates have the opportunity to solve realistic marketing problems that may occur for companies. These problems are previously set by people whose profession led them to come across these problems regularly. Apart from solving these issue they also have the opportunity to visit creative agencies, research agencies and production houses and learn from them. This project is made for smaller groups of students, due to its interactive nature and creative.