Application Guide

*Before starting with your application, please read this guide carefully.

Fact sheet:

  •  Model WTO Belgrade 2018 will be held 11th-14th May, in premises of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade.
  •  The event will gather 40 delegates in total, each representing one out of 10 countries in four different committees
  •  The main topic of this year’s conference is “Small and Medium Enterprises“
  •  Application period for Model WTO Belgrade 2018 will start on the 10th of February, 8 PM. You may access the application form at the end of this page. All selected applicants will  be notified of our decision by the end of March.
  •  Participation fee is 2000 RSD. For more information about what is included in the fee, please consult our Notes of Guidance.

Notes of Guidandance

1. General

All students studying in the Republic of Serbia may apply, regardless of their field of study. In order to apply successfully, you have to fill in the Application Form. You do not have to send us any additional documents, nor your Transcript of Records.

Participation fee of 2000 RSD  is paid in total, after applicants receive their letters of confirmation. In case you need financial assistance, do not hesitate to contact your faculties. Paying the fee will serve as a confirmation of your participation and Participation fee is not refundable. Participation fee includes:

  • 4 Meals (lunch breaks)
  • 8 Coffee breaks
  • Networking night (location to be announced)
  • Materials for the Conference
  • Our mentoring programme
  • Participation at workshop day, simulation itself and our Pre-Conference event
  • An opportunity to win free participation in Model WTO in Geneva, Switzerland, as well as other awards

2. Roles

Upon confirmation of participation, each delegate will be notified of the role he/she has been assigned. This means you will be given information about which committee you will be working in and which country you will be representing during the simulation. For more information about countries and committees, see point 3. Each delegate will be part of one delegation consisting of 4 members, including its Head Delegate, who will be chosen by members of the delegation. In the application form, you will be asked to provide us with your first and second priority (for both committees and countries), so please make sure to familiarize yourself with your options prior to filling in the form. Please note that you may not get assigned your first or second priority, as it depends on all the applicants.

3. Committees and countries

The main topic of this year’s Model WTO Belgrade is “Small and Medium enterprises“. However, there will be four different committees during the simulation and each delegate will be working in one committee. Four committees will be:

  • SMEs and Subsidies
  • SMEs and Development
  • SMEs and E-commerce
  • SMEs and Dispute Settlement

Please make sure to decide on your first and second priority before filling in the Application form. You will also be asked to choose two out of ten countries: United States of America, the European Union, Commonwealth of Australia, Republic of the Philippines, People’s Republic of China, Federal Republic of Nigeria, United Mexican States, Republic of India and Republic of South Africa, Federative Republic of Brazil.

Please note that upon the selection process is over, our Content Team will provide all delegates with necessary materials, as to ensure their full and successful preparation for the simulation.

4. Application form

The Application form consists of three parts. You will be required to provide us with general information about yourself in the first part of the application form.

The second part will require of you to provide us with your first and second choices, as well as to write a brief motivation letter, of no more than 500 words. In your motivation letter, you should describe reasons for applying or even choosing your preferred committee. There is no strict form required, feel free to include whatever you believe will support your application.

We suggest that you prepare your motivation letter before filling in the form, as that way, filling in the form will take from 5 to 15 minutes. The third part is reserved for additional comments, as well as for questions about your relevant previous experience. Answering these questions is not obligatory, but could be helpful and positively affect the outcome of your application.  

Please make sure you fill in all obligatory fields (marked with *), as applications which are not complete will not be taken into consideration.

We strongly advise you to save a copy of your Motivation Letter.

Please note that the entire form must be filled in in English, as that is the

5. Terms and Conditions

By applying to become a participant, you automatically agree with the following statement:

“I declare that to the best of my knowledge the information provided is true and correct. I understand that inaccurate, misleading and/or untrue statements or knowingly withheld information may result in the termination of my application to Model WTO Belgrade 2018.”

For all additional questions regarding the form and our selection procedure, please contact our Head of Protocol, Ms Ana Milivojević, at or Team Coordinator, Ms Ksenija Ivanović, at


You may now proceed to the Application Form